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Nature, culture, food&wine: CRUISE VENICE

Come and experience the hidden treasures of Venice Lagoon

Charter a motor yacht in Venice

Lagunalonga offers a unique introduction to Venetian treasures: priceless architectural and archaeological heritage, pristine nature reserves, rare handicraft products and culinary experiences.
It is a leisurely cultural adventure exploring the entire lagoon network. Take time to enjoy a unique experience.

The Venice Lagoon
Marina Certosa

Lagunalonga reveals the genius loci – the distinctive character – of Venice in canals and lagoon channels taking in the main sites of Venetian civilization and landscape: sandbanks, museums, islands, monasteries, oases, basilicas, dunes, walled vineyards and archaeological sites.

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Enjoy the comfort of exclusive Linssen boats and savour some inspired reinterpretations of traditional dishes washed down by local wines.

Our cruises

Lagunalonga itineraries are based on different themes that encompass the cultural and tourism resources in the lagoon and offer individual opportunities for discovery.

Map of itinerary

Lagunalonga offers three types of cruise:

Come and visit the Venice Lagoon

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