About us

Lagunalonga is owned and managed by Francesco Calzolaio together with his experienced team of professionals.
Francesco is a Venetian Architect with a deep understanding and experience in the Lagoon. He recently presented the “Masterplan for the enhancement of the landscape and culture of the Lagoon” to the UNESCO Site management office.
He has dedicated his professional career to teaching, research and design of cultural networks in the Lagoon. He is also an official tour guide, passionate chef,expert rower and skipper.
Francesco oversees every detail of the travel planning and accompanies you on the tour as a real Venetian experience, guiding you through every aspect of the Lagoon. And who knows? On your cruise maybe even some of the few resilient artists, artisans and farmers might open their doors to welcome you.

Francesco Calzolaio

Travel Agency Lagunalonga

P. IVA: 04309240275
Authorization Città Metropolitana di Venezia n° 1830
Insurance contract n° 9014003
Registered office Lagunalonga Srl: Cannaregio 986 – 30121 Venezia
www.lagunalonga.com, [email protected], +39 380 3053078


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