About us

Gibo Boffelli, chef and skipper
Francesco Calzolaio, skipper, guide and manager
Marco Scrivani, skipper
Flavio Zanon, chef

Francesco Calzolaio has been sailing, working, researching, teaching and planning for the Venice Laguna and for the infrastructure and cultural networks of the European and Mediterranean waterfronts for the last 25 years. He is also the President of Venti di Cultura association.

Marco Scrivani has been managing a charter operation for 20 years, sailing the Italian and Mediterranean coast with thousands of devotees of coastal landscapes and their cultural resources. He has always added his personal touch to a unique cruising experience.

Our Venetian chefs Flavio Zanon and Gibo Boffelli had both managed for 20 years a renowned restaurant in Den Haag, Flavio, and in Padua, Gibo. After having introduced the Dutch and Veneti connoisseurs at the Italian gastronomy, now they welcome the Venetian boaters, with their exclusive on board cuisine.

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