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Bare Boat Cruise

Lagunalonga is more than a cruise on the lagoon. It’s a door leading to places that are magical and almost unknown. Come and discover the historic settlements of the Venetian archipelago on board an exclusive Linssen.
You need a boating licence to sail the Linssen yacht (ICC or national equivalent). We can adapt the seven-day cruise to focus on your individual tastes, combining adventure and relaxation, culture and sporting events, immersion in nature and gourmet cuisine.

The nautical experience can be extended on local water sports craft, or boats taking part in multicultural events, such as local festivals and rowing competitions. You may choose to have a skipper for the week, and to combine the bareboat Lagunalonga cruise with day-by-day ‘add-ons’ according to your tastes and mood: maybe a tutor, guide and chef, for some unique food & wine or culture & nature experiences ‘à la carte’.


Lagunalonga Itinerary Map

Lagunalonga offers seven nights on board from Saturday to Saturday, from March to December 2016, in a brand new Linssen yacht 410 AC, with three air-conditioned cabins, a spacious living room, and an innovative lounge and dining table in the cockpit: the best place to enjoy the lagoon experience to the full.

Bare Boat Cruise

The food & wine experience (for a full day or half a day) includes one meal of four typical dishes, and wine, prepared and served by our exclusive chef on board, or in the best restaurants on the lagoon and in Venice.
The culture & nature experience (also full day or half day) includes your selection of walking tours off the beaten tracks in Venice, Chioggia, Burano and Murano; visits to monuments, convents and museums; exclusive lagoon experiences, as practised by the Venetian ‘bon vivant’: rowing with a traditional boat in Venice, sailing in a competition catamaran on the sea, biking in the natural landscapes of the fishing valleys, swimming on beautiful clean beaches.


“Bare Boat” Lagunalonga Season 2018

Periods A B C
18.02-18.03 18.03-12.04 12.04-16.09
28.10-23.12 16.09-28.10
Linssen 410 AC: Prices ‘Bare boat’ cruise (7 days) 6-8 pers. 2.800 3.800 4.800
Security deposit 2.500 2.500 2.500
Sailing instruction & first guided tour (Obligatory) 150 150 150
Final cleaning (Obligatory) 150 150 150
Weekend and midweek Prices 60% of weekprice 75% of weekprice 90% of weekprice
Optional items
skipper/day, with meal 180 180 180
food&wine experience per 1/2day p.p. 100 100 100
food&wine experience /day p.p. 190 190 190
culture&nature experience per 1/2day day 160 160 160
culture&nature experience /day 290 290 290
taxi boat transfer 110 110 110
Parking/vehicle 40 40 40
Early booking 5%
couple discount 15%
Repeat booker 5% Cabins with airconditioning
Second week discount 5% Maximum discount = 15%
Included: Bed linen, (bath)towels, kitchen equipment, gas use, toilet paper, cleaning products, boating maps

In the event of a cancellation the Hirer must immediately notify the company by telephone and by email.
The costs retained by the company are as follows:

  • Cancellation made more than 70 days before departure date: €500 to cover administration costs.
  • Cancellation 56-70 days before departure date: 30% of the total hire cost.
  • Cancellation less than 56 days before the departure date: 100% of the total hire cost.

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