Linssen Grand Sturdy 40.9 AC Brillant
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We offer you the best yachts that might navigate all the corners of the Venice lagoon, together with the surrounding rivers, canal and coasts.
Since last year we are not anymore operating with our first classic yacht, the Linssen 410, Elvira. We are glad to announce that next year we will have again a classic Linssen 410 yacht.

This year arrived in our fleet Jandona, a luxury mahogany Cantieri di Pisa 15m classic yacht, built in 1972 and now entirely renewed, in collaboration with our partner Classic Boats Venice (CBV). Jandona has a vast fly-bridge, three cabins with two beds each, two bathrooms, and a kitchen, moreover the living room and correspondent terrace.
Our classic yachts offer you a silent navigation, accompanied by the narration of local stories, and by the tasting of best local foods and wines: a mix that slowly reveal the landscape of the Venice lagoon in a unique way. Yours.

Lagunalonga offers more than a cruise on the lagoon: it is a door that opens to places that are magic and almost unknown. On board of exclusive hotel/house-boat, passengers will discover the historic sites of Venetian archipelago. A seven-day cruise that can be adapted to focus on the most individual features, combining adventure or relaxation, culture or sporting events, immersion in the nature or gourmet cuisine. The esperience of the water landscape will be exendend on different local boats, maybe practicing nautical sports, and partecipating the many multicultural events related to them, as local festivals and rowing competitions.