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Culture route
Itinerary dedicated to the cultural heritage to be found around the lagoon, including the maritime and submerged heritage, as well as Roman vestiges and industrial archaeology.
The Linssen yacht gives privileged access to the extraordinary network of existing museums, ranging from the archaeological museums of Altino and Torcello to the Burano Lace Museum, from the Murano Glass Museum to the Museums of the Lagoon in Pellestrina and Chioggia. And the unique network of fortifications is often a significant element in the landscape, from the Arsenale to the Octagons in the southern lagoon, including the forts of Treporti, Marghera and Sant’Andrea.
The ‘Culture’ route follows the monuments, museums and archaeological sites, representing the millennial history of the Serenissima republic. It includes key monuments in the historic villages of the archipelago as well as central Venice, unique museums of the lagoon, several outstanding archaeological sites, and other isolated heritage sites such as villas and locks.