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Gourmet Day Cruise

The unique day excursion offers a flexible and fascinating programme. You may choose your favourite itinerary from six suggestions. For example, you can visit the convent of San Francesco del Deserto, the fishing village of Burano, the magnificent basilica of Torcello. You could even take a refreshing dip in the sea from a sandy beach.
You may choose from two formats (half-day with one meal, or a whole-day cruise with two meals) and four overall schedules: from morning to afternoon (9 am – 7 pm), afternoon to late evening (2 pm – 10 pm), morning to night (11 am – 2 am), and morning to next morning (11 am – 9 am) including night on board and breakfast.
The cruise also includes two stops and guided tours on the islands, with the entrance fees to museums and monuments included.


Gourmet Day Cruise

The Lagunalonga day cruise includes meals prepared on board by our renowned chef, and served while slowly cruising along the wonderful shifting landscapes of the lagoon. The Gourmet Cruise offers finger food and a four-course dinner. The Special Gourmet Cruise offers a three-course lunch, a five-course dinner, as well as breakfast if you spend the night on board.
Our first-class organic wines are included, of course.

Gourmet Day Cruise

An optional concert with our favourite jazz singer, who re-interprets Venetian old songs, can be arranged to accompany the aperitif. Meals and concerts take place once we set sail to take advantage of the fresh breeze.



Day Cruise Itinerary

Armeni island: tours of the 16th century convent given by a priest. The library houses in the 150,000-strong collection alongside curios from Ancient Egypt, Sumeria and India, such as an Egyptian mummy and a 15th-century Indian throne.

Malamocco typical lagoon town, with a few churches and a Gothic palazzo (mansion). A miniature version of Venice down to the lions of St Mark on medieval facades, Malamocco was actually the lagoon capital from 742 to 811

Day Cruise Itinerary

Murano has an outstanding number of glass furnaces, that where concentrated by the Republic since the 13th century to avoid the fire danger in Venice. They are still producing the best handmade glass, that take the mirabile form of lamps and jewelry, glasses and ornaments.

Lazzaretto Nuovo is the first quarantine island in the world, is the cradle of the Venetian nature and culture in the lagoon

Day Cruise Itinerary

San Francesco nel Deserto monastery: tours of the 13th century buildings given by a Franciscan brother, this island, where the Saint spent some months, is still a sacred space of prayer

Torcello: the cradle of the history of the Serenissima, with the 12th century Basilica; the original Casa Andrich, house of an well-know italian painter, is offered as a unique view on the Torcello landscape and way of life

Day Cruise Itinerary

Burano the lace production in Burano is very famous and refined as the fully coloured fisherman houses in Burano. The atelier Vidal show old lace maker at work in they shop and museum

Lio Piccolo historic village between the north untouched lagoon and the fish valleys of the Cavallino peninsula, where nowadays are coming back the pink flamingos

Day Cruise Itinerary

Chioggia is the second biggest town in the lagoon after Venice, with a historical landscape of palaces and bridges, and the unique fish market in the north Adriatic Italian coast

Pellestrina is a unique sequence of historical fisherman houses along the internal front of the 12 km spine that divide the lagoon from the sea, with external wonderful beaches

Day Cruise Itinerary

Villa Malcontenta on the Brenta Canal: patrician villa designed by Italian architect Andrea Palladio in 1555–60. Villa Foscari got the nickname La Malcontenta from a grand dame of the Foscari clan who was reputedly exiled here for cheating on her husband. The villa was abandoned for years, but Giovanni Zelotti’s frescoes have now been restored by the Foscari family

the Brenta Canal was the river crossing Venice, but diverted south and transformed in the nowadays canal by the Republic, where flourished the renaissance patrician villas and gardens

Every itinerary can be modified and tailored according to your wishes

“Day Cruise” Lagunalonga Season 2019 and 2020

PRICE € 2.950,00

Our booking policy is:
deposit 50% a week after the booking confirmation
payment 50% 45 days before the boarding

In the event of a cancellation of the all inclusive service the Guest must immediately notify the company by telephone and by email. The costs retained by the company are as follows:

  • Cancellation made more than 70 days before departure date: €400 to cover administration costs.
  • Cancellation 56-70 days before departure date: 20% of the total cost.
  • Cancellation less than 56 days before the departure date: 40% of the total cost.
  • Cancellation less than 7 days before the departure date: 60% of the total cost.

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